Create Website Account
To create a web account on the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center (NCSPC) website, please enter your ARP, create a password (enter your password in the New Password field and confirm it in the Confirm New Password field), and click on the Create Website Account button.
Please also enter your SSN if we have your SSN in our records. If you only enter your ARP and a password and click the Create Website Account button and we have your SSN in our records, a message will display indicating that you will also need to enter your SSN in the SSN field as well.
Once you have created your NCSPC web account (and associated password), you will be able to sign into the NCSPC website with your ARP and password.
ARP: (If you don't know your ARP → ARP Lookup)
SSN: (Only enter SSN if we have your SSN in our records)
As you type in your new password, the password requirements listed below will change from red to green as they are satisfied.
New Password:
Confirm New Password:
  • 8-20 characters
  • Uppercase Letter
  • Lowercase Letter
  • Number
Create Website Account button will enable when New Password and Confirm New Password fields match.