General Information

As part of the federal Welfare Reform Act of 1996, the State of Nebraska was required to establish one location where all child support payments would be received. The Nebraska Legislature enacted several laws to comply with this federal mandate and the State Treasurer was designated as the state agency to receive all child support payments. The Child Support Enforcement Office of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services will be responsible for determining the amount to be paid to the custodial parent according to the federal laws.

Payments need to be sent to the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center (NCSPC) instead of your Clerk of the District Court. If your payment is an income withholding order through your employer, they have also been notified to send those payments to the NCSPC instead of the Clerk of the District Court.

This statewide system has centralized the collection of over 100,000 payments each month. The items below will assist in ensuring you receive proper credit for your payment:

  • The Clerks of the District Courts will provide the State information about the amount of your support due and the amount of any past support due. With that information, the State will send you a monthly account statement so that you know the exact status of your child support payments.
  • If you currently pay child support directly to the Clerk of the District Court rather than income withholding, then the State will provide you a remittance coupon to return with your payment so that you will receive proper credit for your payment. It is critical that the remittance coupon be returned with your payment.
  • If you lose your coupon, then you will need to include your social security number, court order number, county name where the order was issued and your full name and address with the payment. For custom or generic payment coupons view your billing statements.
  • The NCSPC is a mail-in payment processing center where the forms of payment are personal check, credit card, money order, cashiers check, travelers check, online bill pay or an electronic check. The NCSPC will only accept cash payments at the walk-up payment window located at 233 S 10 Lincoln, NE. Credit card payments will be accepted via the Internet, automated phone system or at the walk-up payment window. There is a $15.00 convenience charge for making a credit card payment via the website or the automated phone system. A re-occurring or one-time electronic check payment can also be made via the website or a mail-in form available on the website or by phone request.

Do you have questions about your child support payment? Then check out our Frequently Asked Questions section to find answers, or you may submit a question to the Nebraska Child Support Payment Office or call toll-free
(877) 631-9973.

If you would like to get in contact with Nebraska Child Support Enforcement, please visit their website at